For Party Packages Only: *Paper products included *Food and beverage service in Party Room *Party host to serve and clean up *Party invitations *Gift for the birthday child *Villa coupons for your guests *Birthday child's parents skate free

Not applicable to STEM Program Bookings

$75 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit if party is cancelled for any reason, and is non-transferable to another party date
STEM Program Field Trip: $700.00 for the first 50 guests
3 Hour
*STEM Field Trip is a 3-hour event (1st hour/STEM lesson last two hours is for skating and eating)

*All skaters must have a sign waiver in order to skate.

*$15.00 includes admission, roller skates, a STEM lesson, a slice of pizza, and a fountain drink.

*If you qualify for “tax exemption” a copy of the ST-3NR form needs to be provided no later than the day before the event.

If this form is not provided we will charge NJ state tax to the event regardless of your “tax exemption” status.
STEM Program Field Trip